Small and Medium Enterprises

Our support for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Investments 4.0

We help small and medium-sized businesses to exploit all the advantages of 4.0 investments

Tax credits

We not only deal with non-repayable financing but also with helping companies take advantage of the advantages provided by tax credits

Training Funded

We show companies the advantages of investing in training and accompany them on their growth path

Calls for digitization

We support companies that aim to digitalize

Financing at a low rate

We support activities in the search and request for subsidized rate financing

Mifinanzio and More

We at MiFi have always put the needs of companies and entrepreneurs at the center.
Thanks to the multidisciplinary skills of our team you will be able to take advantage of business consultancy services, growth strategies, business strategies and adoption of innovative technologies in a single solution.
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